Tobacco Road


Hard rock on the radio. Live bands setting up. Drinks for 96 cents. We're diggin' Tobacco Road's happy hour.

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By Adam Beasley

The Vibe: Let’s put it this way: people don’t go to the Louvre for the cheap drinks and they don’t go to Tobacco Road for the ambience. This is a blast of fresh air in the midst of often-stuffy Brickell. Hard rock on the radio. Floors that were last cleaned a week ago – maybe. A dimly lit dining room illuminated by a Miller Lite clock. But you’ll find most everybody out back, gathered around the two bars of the stage, waiting for the band du jour to get its act together.

Prices/Deals: This might the only place in Miami you can grab a beer for less than a buck. On Fridays, from 6 p.m. until 7:36 p.m., selected drinks are 96 cents. Get it? Ninety-six minutes, 96 cents. The rest of the night is far from expensive, by Miami standards. Mixed drinks will run you $6, beers $4, although Red Bull is pricey ($8). Personal favorite: Pabst Blue Ribbon, which is a recession-busting $2.50.

The Scene: This is the place for the perpetual college student, even if he or she is 40. There’s no pretense here. It’s a place for the professional by day to kick back, bend the elbow and enjoy the weather. Jeans and T-shirts are preferred, and polos are OK. But if you’re wearing a button-down, prepared to be eyed suspiciously by the dude in the corner with three facial piercings. Wear comfortable shoes, because you’ll probably be dancing. The June concert calendar included performers on all but five days of the month.

Tobacco Road, 626 S. Miami Ave., Miami; 305-374-1198

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