Why Betty White should be the Patron Saint of Miami

Betty White, the infamous Golden Girl, who for seven seasons snowbirded in Miami with her besties, needs to be fast-tracked for canonization to be the Protectress of Miami (along with La Virgin de la Caridad, obvio). Let’s get those votive candles printing. 


1. Betty knows how to throw shade

This is useful when driving in Miami traffic.

2. Betty is up on the trends


Even your mama can’t dap like BW.

3. Betty loves her cafecito

Betty doesn’t trust people who don’t say ‘no’ to a colada.

4. Betty knows how to flirt

Just try to leave her behind a velvet rope and she will unleash a world of charm.

5. Age ain't nothin'

Nothing can hold Betty back. She is like downtown construction – unstoppable.