Welcome to Miami Traffic Week: Because Miami traffic is the worst, and there’s nothing we can do about it (but complain)

Traffic gives us all the feels, in a bad way.

Welcome to Miami Traffic Week!

Yes, we know what you’re thinking: “That’s not a thing!”

We made this up, obviously. We even have a hashtag (#MiamiTrafficWeek).

Basically, Miami.com is going to take the next five days and post stories about how much traffic annoys us. We are going to make fun of bad drivers. We will try to determine the streets and intersections where traffic is most impenetrable. We will discuss the proper ways to operate a motorized vehicle in Miami. We will even play a game of traffic Bingo.

This look at traffic was obviously inspired by this week’s pending Back-To-School traffic nightmare, but truthfully, Miami’s traffic deserves our derision every day of the year.

If we were proactive, like our friends at The New Tropic, we would be hunting down solutions with more positive hashtags (they did #solveMIATransit last year). On Aug. 25 at the Conrad Hotel, they are organizing the Live.Ride.Share conference, which brings together local and national transportation and mobility leaders to discuss the future of transportation. They are just better people than us.

Or if we were cool like Prism Creative Group, we’d be trying make public transportation more bearable by helping out with promotions like last December’s Public Transportation Day.

But instead, Miami.com’s contribution to our daily gridlock is going to be a week’s worth of commiseration. We are stuck in traffic with you, Miami. We might as well laugh about it.

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