Fake ‘Trump’ endorsing a Hialeah Cuban restaurant is still the best thing on the internet

Whether you think that Donald Trump is going to make America great again or you think he is the first horseman of the apocalypse, here is something we can all agree on: This commercial by Hialeah eatery Cuba Lives is the present we all wanted.

“I love America! I love Latinos. I love Cubans!, ” declares the Trump imitator, before segueing into Spanish: “Pero lo que mas me gusta es su comida.”

The commercial was posted to Cuba Lives’ Facebook page on Dec. 10 and has 75,000 views, and obviously, a lively comments section full of LOLs, gifs of animals laughing, diatribes about immigration and concerns over Trump ditching Micky D’s for Cuban fare.

A Jose Feliciano imitator sniffs Trump out at the buffet and reminds him that the pile of pulled pork and yucca on his plate is Latino, specifically Cuban.

“No! It’s not from Cuba! It’s from Cuba Lives,” corrects Trump.

Feliciano then improvises a song about the good eating at Cuba Lives and even gets offered a job as Ministro de Cultura by the yucca-loving Trump.

Though we suspect there will be a cease and desist order from either Trump or Feliciano in Cuba Lives’ future, for now, just enjoy.