Suck it, Trader Joe’s. Publix is America’s favorite supermarket

As much as we love the Cookie Butter, the Two Buck Chuck and chili lime cashews, turns out America’s favorite grocery store is Publix. According to a survey of more than 12,700 shoppers done by Market Force, Publix scored at 77 percent on Market Force’s Customer Loyalty Index, sharing the top spot with Wegmans (never heard of it). 

Anyone who frequents Publix, which is based out of Lakeland, Florida, knows that the chain brings its A-game when it comes to chicken tender subs, always stocks decent affordable wine and has sushi just waiting for you. You can get two-for-one on Little Bites at least once a month. This place is a Shangri-La. 

Plus, the cashiers always ask “Did you find everything OK today,” because if you didn’t, someone is going to do something about that.   

Publix was also found to have the cleanest stores and fastest checkout speeds, ranked highest for specialty department service, and was a close second to Trader Joe’s for cashier courtesy. 

Coming in at a very close second is Trader Joe’s with a 76 percent on the Customer Loyalty Index. 

You know who scored the worst on almost all accounts? Wal-Mart.