Peggy the elephant takes a bath at Zoo Miami, reminds us why we love living here

Ron Magill from Zoo Miami sent us a note and some photos today. 


The Zoo’s Goodwill Ambassador was super excited after taking photographs of Peggy, an African elephant, enjoying an outdoor bath like only one could in sunny Miami!


“I was able to capture these images of ‘Peggy,’ Zoo Miami’s 40-year-old African elephant, thoroughly enjoying a morning bath in her pool that I wanted to share with you today!  


Magill continued: “She was just having a blast in the warm Miami sunshine and all I could think of was the miserable winter that is presently being experienced up north!”


“I hope that you can see the absolute joy in her face because it was amazing to watch her have her fun!”


“We are all so lucky to live here!!”


Hey Ron, we see that joy in Peggy’s face! We’ve been smiling too, now that there’s no more rain or chill in the weather today! We are certainly happy about that!


And yeah, Miami is a pretty cool place to live, all things considered. Now, can Peggy doing something about the traffic?