Our favorite Miami stories this week

While the talk of the Democratic National Convention dominated the news, these were the things we couldn’t stop talking about that are happening in the Magic City. 

1. No habla espanish

The Guardian reported that a teacher at Coral Reef Elementary is suing the Miami Dade School Board for racial discrimination because she didn’t get the position she wanted teaching Spanish. The reason? She doesn’t speak Spanish.


2. Will Smith back in Miami

To promote the upcoming release of “Suicide Squad,” Big Willy returned to the City Where the Heat is On and got jiggy with it in Wynwood in a one-song concert of his throwback jam “Miami.”  

3. Pokemeng

Pokemon Go gets a Miami makeover courtesy of The New Times. Don’t hunt squartles and tiddleboogs (I just made those up) when you can track down Chonganites, Passnpuffs and Silikons. This needs to happen.  

4. DJ Khaled’s album cover

All the pamphlets you received from the Jehovah’s Witnesses promising a future where man and beast coexist peacefully have come true on DJ Khaled’s album cover.


5. #MangoWars

Who would have thought that mangoes could ingnite such passion? Two Miami.com writers offered their views on the fruit – I say they are MAGICAL, my coworker disagrees. We are no longer speaking.