Justin Bieber woos model Alexandra Rodriguez at Seaspice and on the high seas in Miami

It was The Love Boat, party of three Tuesday when Justin Bieber, his baby brother Jaxon and a model who some people think look like Selena Gomez (we don’t), set sail for an afternoon of easy, breezy Bieb’y. Apparently Bieber invited a brunette named Alexandra Rodriguez to hang out with him and his bro on the yacht. According to our seafaring spy, “They hung out, lounged on the yacht’s bow, and, when he was ready to leave Seaspice, Bieber took Alexandra with him. Alex bailed on her friends for Biebs. “When he invited her to hang out with him, she took her bag and left her friends behind in exchange for some QT with Justin.” After they swam, Alex changed into what appeared to be Biebs’s clothing. It must be love. This week anyway. (Photo/ INFphoto.com)