The internet kicked off Black History Month in the best way ever

With the way 2016 went, black people’s expectations for 2017 were looking pretty low — so low that this year we weren’t even that upset that Black History Month is still the shortest month of the year.

When President Donald Trump commemorated the month this morning with his six black friends talking about fake news and the inner city, we’d just about had it. But, fortunately for us, the internet loves “the blacks.”

We’ll take all 28 days, thank you. Here’s how the internet made it up to us:

1. A photo of Nicki Minaj and Drake reunited

A photo posted by Nicki Minaj (@nickiminaj) on

Things probably got a little tense between the two top-chart rappers when Drake basically killed Nicki’s boyfriend’s career (with not one, but two diss records).

But since the Black Barbie dumped that lame Meek Mill, confirming the breakup in early January, it looks like she and Drake can rekindle their ehhm… friendship.

Oh, and Drake won’t be performing his hit diss track “Back to Back” anymore (he made that promise days before Nicki’s break up announcement) so maybe Meek will fade away into the abyss.

2. Beyoncé's pregnant, y'all!

Never to be upstaged. Seriously, Nicki and Drake’s picture on Instagram would have been the news of the day, painting smiles on black peoples’ faces across the country. But, no. Beyoncé also sashayed her way onto Instagram and had to snatch everyone’s edges with her announcement.

Queen Bey is having twins. Like real, live twins and Black Twitter absolutely cannot deal. Rap royalty reconcile their differences, then the queen of the universe announces she’s having two more babies with baby hair and afros.

3. Obama is kickin' back on an island

How could the first day of Black History Month get any better? We thought that, too. But then we saw pictures of Barack Obama.

America’s coolest president has been on a “quick” vacation in the British Virgin Islands since President Donald Trump’s inauguration.

Mr. Obeezy is looking beyond relaxed with his flip-flops, his dark shades and his hat on backwards. #SWAG

(But please come back soon…*whispers* …please)