President Trump: “Free the croquetas”

Free croquetas on Fridays. America feels greater already.

If you thought President Trump was signing executive orders willy-nilly, you have yet to see one of his most important declarations. Check out the video below (Americanos, grab a Spanish speaker to translate).


White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus kicks off the signing spree saying, “Well, this guy is signing anything.”

First order of biz-niz: Chick-Fil-A must stay open on Sundays because “I like their chicken a lot and it’s a disgrace that they close on Sundays.” (Forget the whole Jesus thing.)

Most importantly, DT signs an order forcing Miami’s Vicky Bakery to give away free croquetas on Friday. 

The video was edited and voiced by Miami comedian Mario Ramil, a Hialeah native who knows that chicken and croquetas are life and should be protected at all levels of government.

He is a true patriot.