WATCH: Forget music. talks butt jobs and Gloria Estefan with DJs

It’s Miami Music Week, which means people all over the city will be talking about music far more than we could ever care. But there are dozens if not hundreds of DJs in town right now, which, of course, presents the opportunity for one-on-one interviews. Instead of boring disk jockeys with typical questions, we gave our best attempt at making them squirm with five random questions at the SiriusXM Music Lounge.

Watch answers from Unlike Pluto, Borgore, Americo of Boombox Cartel, Shaun FrankSjoerd Janssen of Showtek and Deorro below:

1. Which place has the best groupies?

DJs jobs afford them the wonderful opportunity to travel the world. The fame that comes with being in the music industry can also bring crowds of dedicated fans and groupies. We wanted to know where we could find the best ones. You know, just in case we decide spinning disks and pressing buttons is our new thing.

*Note: All our interviews were men. But what She-Js such as Nervo say?

2. FMK – Gloria Estefan, Pitbull, Bernie the Miami Heat Mascot

We were introduced to these mostly out-of-town DJs as a local publication at the Miami Herald, then the pressure was on. The DJs were asked to tell us which of our beloved Miami icons would they have sex with, marry and kill off.

3. What happens if you have to use the bathroom during a really long set?

… In addition, do you announce it? Some DJs said they do, others relieved themselves on stage. (Borgore, we’re looking at you).

4. If you had to choose a cosmetic surgery procedure, what would you have fixed?

Sjoerd Janssen said Dr. Miami could do his butt job! LOL

5. Which music festival is better than Ultra?

Yes, a trick question.