5 things that will always remind you you’re in Miami

With its hodgepodge of cultures, languages and visitors, it can be easy to forget exactly where you are in the world while visiting Miami. But ask any local and they’ll tell you these five things will always bring you back to reality.

1. Every drive feels like a GTA Vice City session

In Miami, red lights and stop signs are suggestions, and there’s no such thing as an illegal turn of any kind. Also, feel free to shout obscenities through your window at anyone and everyone who dares challenge your right to drive however the f you want.

2. Cuban coffee and pastelitos are legit bartering tools


Don’t have cash or credit? You’d be surprised what a little cafecito and some pastelitos de guayaba can buy you in the 305 – favors, clearning services, a ride, a first-born child…you name it. Mangoes also work from time to time.

3. Punctuality is a myth


You’re lucky if we show up within 45 minutes of the time we originally promised we’d show up at. That goes for clubs too – the doors may open at 11 p.m., but don’t expect the party to start any time before 3 or 4 a.m.

4. Treating Jugofresh like it's the answer to every physical and mental ailment


Hangovers? Headaches? Bloating? Low self-esteem? Whatever your issue, there’s probably a Jugofresh for that. The brand has become so iconic among Miamians, we even dubbed it an official flavor of Miami.

5. Bars are only cool if they have a hidden entrance


LIV was cool when we were 21 (even though we can’t seem to get enough of it). Now that we’re mature, self-respecting Miamians, we like to haunt obscure, underground cocktail dens…the kinds that make you feel like you’ve stepped through a wardrobe into Narnia. Or, in some cases, a port-o-potty (here’s looking at you, Bodega). Don’t believe us? Check out our favorite hidden bars here.