Cheech and Chong image

Before there was Harold and Kumar. Before there was Craig and Smokey. Before there was Saul and Dale. There was Cheech and Chong - and you can see the original cannabis comedy duo 8 p.m. Wednesday night at The Fillmore, where they'll be toking - er, yukking - it up. But I spent my last $40 on a dime bag,, you say.

No worries: is giving away tickets. We'll give away a pair to the first three people who respond to this blog entry with "I roll with!" What else were you going to do that night, anyway? Sit on your couch, listen to the Dead, eat Funyuns and laugh at your cat? Get out of the house and laugh at something that's actually funny. Trust us, Bootsie will totally understand.

-- miaeditor