Free Beach Volleyball courtesy of Equinox


Looking for an activity after all the clubbing on Friday night? Hit up Eighth and Ocean for Equinox's free beach volleyball lessons.

volleyball .jpg

By Solange Reyner

Don't have enough mula to hit the gym or pay for those uber-expensive classes/trainers? Don't fret - hit the beach every Saturday for free to play some beach volleyball courtesy of Equinox.

It's the Fitness Clubs' outdoor group fitness class, and it all takes place every Saturday from 10 am-noon. Just show up with a towel, some workout clothes (bathing suit preferable), and some H20.

The class is taught by EVP Volleyball instructor Weyni Johnson. He'll take you some easy-to-follow camp drills and partnered exercises. You'll be spiking the ball in no time.


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