Follow Dolphins Reggie Bush as he heads to Europe for 2 weeks


Will visit Red Bull headquarters; report highlights to

Reggie Bush Ticket
Reggie Bush via Instagram

By Fred Gonzalez |

Reggie Bush is headed to Europe and will be right there with him.

No, the Dolphins star running back is not leaving town and taking up a new sport. He's going to spend a couple weeks in Europe to "clear my mind and prepare for this season we are about to embark on" he wrote on Twitter.

And he will be sharing highlights of his trip, including a visit to Red Bull headquarters, practicing with a soccer team, and even jumping on a stunt plane, exclusively with

Look for updates from Reggie every few days as he hops from Austria to Mykonos in Greece, and wraps things up in Paris, France. We'll follow him on Twitter, share his Instagrams, and chat with him by phone to get details on his trip from him - only on

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