Finger Looking Good


Grillz for your fingers? Oh no they didn't. Dress up your tips with Minx — now available at your nearby Sephora.

Chic Prints For Nails brewed by Minx
Chic Prints For Nails brewed by Minx

Maria Tettamanti

Rihanna, Beyoncé, Lady Gaga — what do these ladies have in common? Besides an affinity for Louboutins, all love Minx nail appliqúes.

And no, it doesn't take a diva's salary to afford fashions latest foray into fingertips. For just $15 at Sephora stores, you can get your paws on Chic Prints For Nails brewed by Minx.

Dress your nails with your favorite design of anchors, stars, checkers, tiger stripes, fishnets, chrome lace, black & gold geometric or skulls.

How's it work? One set of Chic Prints for Nails contains 16 nail patches of varying widths, for a one-time application to fingers or toes. Each nail patch is a solid-film material with an adhesive back that's heat activated. Applying heat creates conformability, allowing the patch to fit over the compound curves of your nails and seal onto the nail bed. Removal is also a cinch with heat.

Go ahead and nail it, girlfriend.

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