The Fed '50s: 5-course retro dinner Thursday at The Federal Food, Drink & Provisions


Summer dinner series spans the decades


By Lesley Abravanel |

At 7:30 p.m. Thursday, The Federal Food, Drink & Provisions pays homage to the fab fifties with a retro-inspired five-course menu with Augustan wines featuring, among other things:

CHEEZ WHIZ,” home made soda crackers, mini fruit cup

TRADITIONAL SHRIMP COCKTAIL, smoked jumbo shrimp, cocktail sauce from scratch, pickled seasonal vegetables

THE ELVIS,” seared foie gras, caramelized bananas, peanut butter, French toast

TV DINNER” rabbit a la KFC, candied kumquats, smashed taters, florida sweet corn


Cost is $75 per person plus tax and tip. To reserve, call 305-758-9559.

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