Fall Out Boy drummer Andrew Hurley

Emo rockers rejoice, because Fall Out Boy’s “Believers Never Die Part 2” tour is rolling into Pompano Beach Amphitheater Tuesday, April 21 and it promises to be one heck of a pop punk trip.

Fall Out Boy – joined by West Palm Beach local band Hey Monday and dance floor anthem-happy Metro Station – will be storming the stage to promote hits from their new record “Folie a Deux”, resulting in a music event which will surely leave the crowd satisfied.

The band’s drummer, Andrew Hurley, took a moment to chat with us about what fans can expect from the show and the band’s thoughts on Miami.

What are your thoughts on Miami?
We've been to Miami, but it sucks because whenever we're there it's inside the venue and the hotel. I wish we had more time to explore. And I was there for the VMA's a few years ago at the American Airlines Arena and I was acting pretty crazy. I was able to check out the outdoor shopping and restaurant area by there and it was pretty cool (Bayside). It feels like Miami Vice when I'm walking around there. It's beautiful there's so much energy. I love it.

Is there anything else about South Florida that catches your eye?
South Florida is gorgeous and the weather is always awesome. Florida is great. I was just there for the Super Bowl in Tampa and being originally from Milwaukee it was good to be there. Our Florida fans are always crazy, and we have a lot of friends and crew that are from there so it’s like a second home to us.

What can fans expect from this tour and what makes it stand out?
I think it’s more of a back to basics to tour. We also have a few new tricks up our sleeve with it. It’s cool because we’re playing in mid-sized venues, it’s still small enough where the energy is felt and the vibe from us is projected, and the fans energy is felt, too.
What do you think stands out from your band’s newest album, Folie a Deux?
We just recently toured in Japan and Australia, and we’ve just started to introduce it to the set. Newer songs are exciting to play and this is the album I’m most proud of. It goes back to the older days. We took the best out of all our records and mixed it in there.

Would you like to send a shout out to your fans?
We love you and that’s all. You’re the only fans we love. But, don’t tell anyone else. (Laughs)”


What: Fall Out Boy, Metro Station, Hey Monday, Cobra Starship and All Time Low
When: 6:30 p.m. Tuesday, April 21
Where: Pompano Beach Amphitheatre, 1806 NE 6th Street, Pompano Beach. (This event was moved to Pompano Beach Amphitheatre from Mizner Park Amphitheater in Boca Raton and tickets previously sold will be honored.)
Tickets: $35 or $21.25 each if you buy four; www.livenation.com or 877-598-8497

-- Aurora Rodríguez