Epic Mondays


Epic Hotel's Exhale hosts an intense Core Sport class on the hotel's front lawn every Monday evening.


Amy Reyes

For yoga and Pilates practioners who want to take their work out up a notch, Core Fusion Sport, offered by Exhale at the Epic Hotel is a great option. The hour-long class takes place on Epic's front lawn with vistas of the skyscrapers at Brickell Key and downtown. The instructor, Julie Weisman, a Miami Heat dancer on sabbatical, fuses cardio, yoga moves, pilates exercises, calisthentics and stretching and relaxation techniques to give a challenging workout.

The class starts with a warm up, followed by some deep stretches. To get the heart pumping, she leads a series of movements involving squats and planks with a dumbbell as a prop, then down on the floor to a few pushups. My heart rate got up to 165 at a few points, but there are a few places during the sequences to recover.

Julie then does an upper body series involving the bands that is a lot more difficult than it appears, especially to folks who are accustomed to using free weights for upper body work. The band work continues on the floor with a killer series targeting your glutes and inner thighs from a side lying position. The ab work is Pilates-inspired with resistance provided by the band.

After all the intense work, she has you lie on your back and relax and she finishes with a good stretch. In the 57 minutes of working out I burned 444 calories, which is great considering I usually only burn around 320 calories in a regular Pilates class.

When the workout is done, you can head over to Area 31for extended happy hour specials. But after a workout like that, a cocktail isn't really what your body is craving.

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