La Chica Miami: Charis Kirchheimer

La Chica Miami of the week is Charis Kirchheimer. She was born in the northern coast of the Dominican Republic in a town called Sosua, moved to Miami when she was 15, and now lives in Aventura.

Without any formal training, the talented Charis, 28, has developed a signature style that reflects her spontaneity and fearless approach toward the unusual.

“I am attracted to beauty of all forms. I am not necessarily a party photographer per say although thats how i started with photography,” said Charis. “I do more portraits and headshots for emerging artists.”

Her photographs have been published in dozens of blogs and magazines including Livefast mag, Ocean Drive, 944, New Times, and Architectural Digest. She has also exhibited her work during Art Basel at the Shore Club in Miami Beach, at the Miami Independent Thinkers art fair and in many local galleries including Cafeina Butter and the Awarehouse in Wynwood.

Her most recent show was in NYC’s West Village, where she presented a piece of Miami in her exhibit called People Having Way Too Much Fun.

We asked Charis to fill in the blanks:

My favorite best-kept secret about Miami is . . . Robert is Here Farmers Market in Homestead.

My favorite museum in Miami isThe Bass Museum because of their collections of Antiquities, Renaissance and Baroque art.

My favorite beach isHaulover nude beach. It’s really not what you would expect.

My favorite restaurants are … Yakko San, Smith and Wollesky and Joe’s Stone Crab

When I’m in the mood for coffee, my favorite spot is . . . Nespresso on Lincoln Road. She recommends the double Espresso Macchiato.

To get away from it all, I go to … The Standard. She recommends the mud bath.

My favorite hair salon is … Contesta Hair Rock in Espanola way.  She had an exhibit at the Contesta Hair Rock in NYC last summer.

When I’m in the mood for some retail therapy, I must visit . . . The Rabbit Hole, a small vintage store in North Miami.


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