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Feast on "a mean bowl of noodle soup" in Hallandale Beach

eddie hills

Jeff Kleinman

Now that the weather is finally cooler, it’s time to slurp some noodle soup. And what else warms the gut like a large takeout container filled with steaming beef udon? OK, so it’s not snowing in South Florida. Just give us a breeze and below-70, and it’s time for winter comfort food.

That’s the theme at Eddie Hills, a former greasy spoon in Hallandale Beach converted a decade ago into an Asian diner. Now, instead of two-over-easy with a side of hash, it’s all about the homey noodle — sautéed, dunked in soup, flecked with meat, veggies and tofu, bathed in Japanese or Thai spices.

A sprawling menu covers it all: meat, fish, chicken. Yes, the tempura tempts. The sushi sings. But, oh, those noodles: so filling, cheap and versatile. So we stuck with the basics.

On the Japanese side, the aforementioned udon filled a plastic pint with chunks of beef and dark, soothing and flavorful liquid. A mountain of buckwheat noodles came on the side to sink into the container spoon by spoon. The yaki soba —stir-fried egg noodles — comes with a choice of veggies, shrimp, pork, beef, chicken or fried tofu. It’s topped with a “special sauce” — seemingly squeezed from the salt mines.

On the Thai side, flat rice noodles (pad see-ew) with tofu and broccoli were bathed in a sweet soy sauce. Pad Thai was traditional, with crushed nuts, broad noodles, scallions and sprouts. For some added luxury, top it with shrimp, squid, scallops, mussels and half a lobster tail.

Eddie Hills packs it in, with each container plenty for two. Order a few dishes, throw in a serving spoon, and mix and match for the family. (Note to the Eddie Hills staff: Include more forks and spoons since customers are likely sharing.) Start off the noodle meal with a noodle-less bowl of fish soup, a container of amber liquid with veggies and chunks of tilapia.

Our food was ready in about 20 minutes and packed securely in plastic-covered tins. If it’s a nice day, wait on the patio. If not, take your chances with a seat near the cramped cash-register area.

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