Earth (G) **½


'Earth' is a grab bag of beautiful nature footage.

An image from ''Earth"

Roger Moore, The Orlando Sentinel

Earth, the first film from Disney's new documentary unit, Disneynature, covers every corner of the natural world. It's a grab bag of beautiful nature footage, narrated by James Earl Jones and compiled from the BBC's Planet Earth series. We meet funny birds of paradise and cuddly penguins, but also a doomed polar bear and a shark dining on seals. Wolves chase caribou and a cheetah runs down a gazelle. Nothing too graphic, but it creates drama.

The footage is striking -- stunning Alpine vistas, sweeping desert landscapes, flocks in mass migration and vast herds of critters avoiding predators.

There is a message to this film about a fragile ''changing planet'' -- the planet is getting warmer. That's why polar bears are drowning or starving, why deserts are expanding and elephants are dying of thirst.

The film is rated G and runs 90 minutes.

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