One half of Deep Dish heads to Seminole Hard Rock for performance at Gryphon

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By Michael Hamersly

South Beach party people have a major reason to take a little road trip Saturday night, as Dubfire - one half of the Grammy-winning D.C. DJ duo Deep Dish - steps behind the decks at Gryphon in the Seminole Hard Rock complex near Hollywood for some banging techno. He's well-known for taking his crowds on a mesmerizing sonic journey, but check out his compilation mixes for more of what to expect: "Global Underground: Taipei," "SCI + TEC: Past/Present/Future" and "Ten Years Cocoon Ibiza."
Dubfire talked to Miami.com about the show.
What inspired you to do solo work beyond Deep Dish?
[Partner] Sharam [Tayebi] and I had reached the end of our creative cycle, and I felt the need to express myself musically in other ways. Producing and performing as Deep Dish was fulfilling in many instances, but taking a break and pursuing a solo career just felt right.
What can we expect from your set at Gryphon, and how long will you spin?
I had a surprisingly good time the first time I played at Gryphon last year and look forward to this next session. Luca Bacchetti, an acclaimed Italian producer and friend of mine, will also be playing alongside me so I’m equally excited about that.
The Hard Rock is far from Miami and South Beach. Any particular reason for choosing that?
Fort Lauderdale has enough support and passion for music to merit a scene outside of the Miami/South Beach area.
What's the concept behind your label SCI + TEC?
It began as an outlet for my own productions, but evolved into something more. Now I use it to support and showcase emerging talent.
Will we hear from Deep Dish any time in the near future?
There are no specific plans at the moment.


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