Drink Up


Drink up Miami, what's your poison? My sin... a Black Label and Sugar-free Redbull...Yummy!

Amendment XXI bar
Celebrating the post-Prohibition era at Amendment XXI in Miami. Photo: David Heischrek/for Miami.com

Vique M.

As a bartender turned Party Girl, I’m particular when it comes to my drinks. Where to go for the best drinks on South Beach depends what you want - this city boasts the hottest bartenders who can mix it, flip it, set it on fire and give it to you right! 

Don’t have a fave drink in mind, no worries - the HOTTIES behind the bar can always serve you up something super DELISH.

Beware, some drinks can make you forget your name. My drink - Black & Redbull, TRY IT!

What’s your sin and where can I get it?

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