Down Under Wear


Summer is here! What's the mean? Time to tighten that tush and buy Aussie-made We Are Handsome swimwear.

We are Handsome Swim

Maria Tettamanti

Wombats, Foster's, kangaroos, Uggs,  — all are synonomous with the Land of Oz.

Well, now Aussies can add bathing suits to their repertoire with their new line of bold, graphic swimwear and body suits by the name of We Are Handsome.

The inspiration? The elegant adventurism of the 1970s, '80s and '90s and never-before-seen on the swimwear market, We Are Handsome fuses striking, edgy retro designs with sexy-chic timeless shapes. 

With a distinctive, visionary and, yes, cheeky point of view, We Are Handsome launched in Australia last November, immediately selling out at Australia's top boutiques, gaining a large and growing cult and celebrity following, and picking up mountains of press including Australian Harper's Bazaar and Vogue, all in its first four months.

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