DJ Khaled “Welcome to Miami” at BED


DJ Khaled “Welcome to Miami” spring break event at B.E.D

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Vique M.

“We the best”, DJ Khaled’s famous line that he continuously spits every time he’s on the mic. He’s one of most recognized MC’s there is, over the years he has become an international star, producing music, dropping mix-tapes, discovering new talent; but no matter what, he is true to his roots, never forgetting his hometown, the beautiful city of Miami.

Tonight he’s kicking off Spring Break with an all-star bash at the newly renovated club B.E.D. Join DJ Khaled and his friends for a “Welcome to Miami” mid week event featuring some of hip-hop’s finest. Everyone is invited to join in on the fun as Miami is taken over by rambunctious spring breakers looking to de-stress from all their classes. Ladies are in free with RSVP until 11:30pm and dinner reservations are available starting at 8pm. The sun’s out, the weather’s great, the time is right to welcome everyone to Miami!

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