DJ Havana Brown at Mansion


Australia's #1 Female DJ; DJ Havana Brown will be at Mansion for a special edition of We Rock Hip Hop on Friday, April 2nd!

Havana Brown
DJ Havana Brown

She’s blonde, sexy, has a ridiculous body, she’s Australia’s #1 Female DJ, and she’s the official DJ for Britney Spears; it’s DJ Havana Brown. This Friday, April 2nd, she’s taking over the turntables for a special edition of We Rock Hip Hop. This amazing female DJ is someone to keep on your radar; she recently received a recording contract with Universal Records and her talents have made here one of the most sought after female DJ’s out there. She’s worked with big names such as Lady Gaga, Rihanna, the Pussycat Dolls, and Chris Brown; she’s on the rise and this week she’s making a trip to Miami to rock out alongside residents DJ Konflikt, Ideal, and EFX.

Check out this rising star as she makes her way through South Beach; for advance tickets check out; the tickets cost $23 and can be purchased up until 10pm. It’s the weekend; time to dance, let loose, and party, party, party!

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