Rewind: Bikini Bash *

In Miami, we can all deal with our share of cold weather here and there, as long as it’s no chillier than the 50’s. But, once a sunny day hits, you bet that we’re going to throw on our hottest bikinis and surf shorts and make it out towards the closest or most convenient mix of sand and ocean, otherwise known as the beach.

Last Saturday every girl’s fashion and beauty “bible” – Cosmopolitan – hosted the 2009 Cosmo Bikini Bash at Nikki Beach in Miami Beach. Being how it was a friend’s birthday and she wanted to have some fun in the sun, I braved the traffic, woke up my husband and made him drive me over there so he could accompany my friend’s boyfriend as we indulged in one of the year’s hottest parties. Once we arrived at around 11 a.m. we secured a spot south of Fifth St. and made our way to the event.

Ladies, if you plan on coming next year do so, even if it’s just for the goody bags! Jam packed with bright orange Essie nail polish, Nivea lotions, Mentos strawberry gum, coupons, razors, sun block and a celeb-designer Shay Todd royal blue bikini which the girls scrambled to switch into, it’s the type of stash you won’t be sad to have to bring back home and can actually use on your next trip to the warm Miami sand.

Being a part of the Cosmo Bikini bash was like being a part of a giggly, girly sorority party. Ladies lounged in cabanas flipping through the latest issue of Cosmo. Guys sipped on mojitos and watched all the action. And you could take turns tossing beach balls while munching on free fruits, granola bars and sipping flavored Dasani water. Some even braved the heat and sipped on $9 cosmos, specially priced for the event.

And once the clock struck 1 p.m. it was time to pour onto the beach and spell COSMO on the sand for all to see in the magazine’s Miami issue. The perfect way to get a golden tan surrounded by hundreds of your new spring break-ready BFF’s.

According to Shay Todd, events like these are succesful thanks to the variety of ladies that arrive ready to be a part of it.

“When Nivea asked me to design a bikini I thought of one which would flatter every body type and every woman,” said Todd. “It’s great to see girls of all shapes and sizes here for the event and having a good time. It’s an honor to have them wearing my suits. Everyone looks great!”

And, proven by the array of pretty ladies proudly showing off their shape while sporting the bright blue frock, this was not a day to be shy. It’s all about pride, comfort and the art of “flaunting it”. So Miami Beach, right? Hey, they got me in a bikini on a random Saturday. And, I don’t regret it a single bit.

- Aurora Rodríguez