Clink: Meat Market’s 915 Spicy Mango Martini


Head to Meat Market on Lincoln Road for a tangy twist on a martini.

Meat Market's 915 Spicy Mango Martini
Meat Market's 915 Spicy Mango Martini

By Aurora Rodríguez

Stroll down Lincoln Road and into classy steakhouse Meat Market and you’ll find yourself involved in eye-catching scenery. From flirty ladies sipping wine to daper gentlemen trying to woo them, it’s definitely a hot spot for a drink.

On Fridays from 5 to 8 p.m. the spot’s “Meat and Greet” happy hour offers two for one drinks and oyster and shrimp nibbles. Try the delectably tangy 915 Spicy Mango Martini, or dare to mix one up at home.




915 Spicy Mango Martini
Prepare a cocktail shaker with ice
Add 1½ ounces of mango vodka
Add 1 mint leaf torn into pieces
Add 1 ounce of mango juice
Shake well and pour into a chilled martini glass
Float a dragon chili in drink as garnish.

The 915 Spicy Mango Martini is $14 at Meat Market, 915 Lincoln Rd, Miami Beach; 305-532-0088.

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