Casting Call for Secret Life - It's time to come clean


Are you living a lie? Come clean on national television. What's the worst that could happen?

Shhh Secret Life

If the pressure of keeping up a Tiger Woods-style double life is crushing you and you finally want to come clean to the ones you love, this could be your opportunity to do it -- on national television!  What's the worst that could happen? (Forget about that poor gay kid that got killed after confessing his love to his buddy on the 80s talk show Jenny Jones.)

A new television show is in the works and is looking for men and women who are currently in relationships, but have a little something something going on outside the home base. Do you have kids with your other woman? Property? Businesses? Lasting ties to an ex that give you an easy cover? Well, here's your chance to fess up.

The show will be a documentary-style production (no Cheaters-type ambushes - we hope) and maybe be the ticket for someone whose secret life has officially gotten out of control.

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