Cartier Opening in Design District


A new fancy billboard pops up in the de rigueur Design District. What's next?


Maria Tettamanti

A new (sparkly) surprise popped up in the Design District this weekend — a Cartier billboarded-up frontage with the words, "Opening this Summer."

So let's add the renowned French jeweler and watchmaker to the brimming list of chichi shops joining the bustling Design District. The Cartier website touts the Melin Building (3930 NE 2nd Ave.) as the home of the future store.

While Louis Vuitton and Hermès were the first to announce plans last year to roll into the interior decor and art gallery mecca, it appears the neighborhood will soon be a high-end fashion destination.

With Pucci set to open this Fall and other LVMH brands expected to follow suit, well, you can now buy a snazzy gown to match that Armani Casa couch you just bought for your crib.

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