Brickell Irish Pub


This new happy hour spot is so dedicated to being Irish, the entire staff – men and women alike – are adorned in kilts.

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By Adam Beasley

The Vibe: It’s not easy to build a bar literally from scratch, but that’s what they did at the BIP – and ran into some predictable delays. It opened in August, about seven months behind schedule. But with the elevated ceilings, rich, dark wood, evergreen trim, eight flat-screen and the entire staff – men and women alike – adorned in kilts, it has been worth the wait. It might be the only place in Miami where James Joyce is on the bookshelves, NFL football is on the tube and modern rock on the radio.

Prices/Deals: Easy to remember – 2-for-1 beers and well liquor from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m., Monday through Friday. But they’re not your typical well spirits. Management lets you double your pleasure with Johnny Walker and Jose Cuervo. They’re still working on a Happy Hour menu, but the grill turns on at 11 a.m. and doesn’t shut down until after 1 in the morning. Here’s a tip: try the spinach artichoke dip. It’s laced with bacon.

Scene: The Brickell Irish Pub wants to position itself as a friendly neighborhood pub, and so far, so good. The place is packed even on a Wednesday, and it’s a relaxed, yet professional, crowd. But don’t think it won’t get rowdy on the weekends. The BIP Band rocks out on Fridays and Saturdays. Football is king on Sundays.

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