Book 'em: Brooke Siegel


A La Folie crepes, Prime 112 mac n cheese, strawberry mojitos: just a few of this DailyCandy editor's favorite things.

Brooke Siegel
Brooke Siegel.

By Jessica Sick

Brooke Siegel has been an editor at DailyCandy -- a website with editions all over the country (and London) that likes to think of itself as your best friend who always knows the newest, coolest places to go around town -- since Kanye West was hating on gold diggers (that would be 2005). Siegel recently helped compile the site's second book, The DailyCandy Lexicon: Words That Don't Exist But Should (think "crappuccino" and "textual frustration"). The native New Yorker is now the editor of DailyCandy Miami, so we wondered what a Big Apple girl does when dropped into the land of palm trees and fake boobs (hint: not dance on table tops).

Favorite Miami icon: The ocean. I spent my life in New York, so warm, blue water is a thing of wonder.

Restaurant where you'd like to have your last meal: That'd have to be truffle mac n' cheese and a giant Kobe meatball from Prime One Twelve, followed by the fried Oreos. After that, they could cart me to my death.

Best quintessential "Miami" story you've got: I moved here in March thinking I wouldn't need a car. Two weeks later, I drove my new lease off the lot with my boyfriend following in our compact rental. Armed with only MapQuest directions, we attempted to drive to the rental return place through the vortex that is Hialeah. An hour later, after seeing 1st Avenue cross 2nd Avenue (What?!), I stopped for directions. It was shortly after that my boyfriend accused me of confusing the meaning of derecha and izquierda. (I did.) In the end, I asked a police officer to escort us back to the main highway. He was very nice.

Favorite Spanish phrase:

Miami wouldn't be Miami without: Strawberry mojitos (or any umbrella drink).

Miami really needs: Independent coffee houses

Event you look forward to every year: I'm excited for my first Art Basel.

Favorite hidden gem: Daniele Creative Tailoring. It's tucked away on the third floor of a signless building on Española. The tailor's a whiz. If I spot something not my size, I can bring it to her and she'll restructure it.

Best night in Miami you've ever had took place where:
On Biscayne Bay. Some generous friends took me out on a boat at dusk and we sat in a 6-inch deep sandbar and watched the sunset. It made me forget New York existed.

Where you can typically be found on a Saturday night: Dancing on table tops at The Florida Room. That's a lie. I'm usually on the couch with my dog, Puppy. Sometimes, if I'm feeling frisky, we walk over to A La Folie for crepes and wine.

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