Sesame crusted shrimp roll from Bond Street Lounge on Miami Beach.

Bond Street 


Décor is ultra-hip in this hotel basement hideaway (which feels like a sushi lounge rather than a sushi bar), and service is likely to be haughty for diners who aren’t sleek enough to match the setting (or famous enough to be granted immunity). Still, many middle-aged chubbies are willing to brave the ‘tude for the food, which includes some of Sobe’s most sophisticated, solidly yet creatively conceived sushi and Japanese tapas in town: whitefish sashimi with shiso leaf sorbet, a sesame-crusted shrimp maki with orange/Dijon curry, yellowtail tartare with crisped jalapeno and apricot jam.


  • Japanese, Sushi
  • Indoor
  • Dinner
  • Cheerful din

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