He may not have been working at the Q, but Bobby Flay was working that white blazer Friday night as he mingled in the crowd with fans and stopped for pictures. We got a chance to ask him about eating here in Miami, and like many of the chefs we’ve chatted with he agreed that the food scene has improved.

“It was like 10 years ago and let me put it this way – a lot of chefs put too many things on the plate,” Flay said. “I think that Miami now has found it’s culinary feet and they are letting ingredients of the southeast and their inspiration from Cuba and South Florida really come to life. That’s what is great about it.”

As for the Miami and the growth of the Wine & Food festival, with an estimated 6,000 people expected at the Grand Tasting Village alone, Flay said the recipe is obvious.

“Well everybody from the northeast can’t wait to get down here. Heck it was snowing today in New York. I had to run out yesterday at the last minute. I was supposed to come down here today (Friday) and I would not have made it. Where would you rather be, 21 or 80 degrees? And on the beach? It’s a great environment.”

- Fred G.