Big man on campus


Mini Me scoots into town


By People Page Staff

For someone nicknamed Mini-Me, Verne Troyer has a big heart. The Austin Powers star, 41, cruised into the Best Buddies Gala on Watson Island Friday night to lend his support to the cause, helping people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Among the attendees: founder Anthony K. Shriver; his niece, Katherine Schwarzenegger, who appeared at the Miami International Book Fair Sunday with her new book, Rock Your Body; actor George Hamilton; and photographer Bruce Weber. But all eyes were on Troyer, riding around on his souped-up scooter. He was obviously enjoying the attention.

"People always scream out, Hey, Mini-Me!'' said the Michigan native who has a rare type of skeletal dwarfism. "It's cute." So you don't want to be known for your turn on The Surreal Life?

‘‘Nope," says the pint sized actor. "That was a low point for me. Next up: the horror movie Judge Ice. "I don't know if I play an angel or a devil yet, but they're both fun."

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