Best of the Best, Baby!


Wine Spectator's Best of the Best was Bad Girls Club meets Patridge Family Reunion lol.

Folks line up for samples of food and wine at the SoBe Wine & Food Festival's Best of the Best event at the Fontainbleau Hotel

So, let’s do a little Wine Spectator Best of the Best recap. Did I see Lennox Lewis, Guys? Or did I imagine that sexy rippled bottle of overt masculinity as the 1998 Krug Champagne Vintage Brut straddled my loins? That was a damn good bottle of Champagne. All those sweet vanilla spices were a complete curb ball for my presumptuous palate. I loved the Champagne entrance concept, though I didn’t get to the Dom. Inside the Fontainebleau’s main room, the crowd was Bad Girls Club meets Patridge Family Reunion lol. And most of the food I tasted was delicious. The dark chocolate cream shot was like an adult Rice Krispies Treat
(though the chef snarled at my description). Saw this sexy master sommelier slash winemaker I sort of have a crush on (Hint: Loves The Chronique). Were you there? What did you think?

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