Behind the DJ Booth at Ultra Music Festival


What does it look like from inside the DJ booth at Ultra? Pretty cool, if you ask us.

Behind The DJ Booth at Ultra
Kaskade plays Ultra Music Festival. Photo: Tomas Loewy

By Fred Gonzalez | Photos by Tomas Loewy

The DJ booth. There is no other place you'd rather be during Ultra Music Festival. Sure, being in the crowd and dancing your rear-end off is awesome, thrilling and energizing. But what if you could feed off that energy, even create how that energy gets started. Well, that all starts inside the DJ booth. And that's why we decided to take you there with these series of images from our own Tomas Loewy. We were inside the DJ booth with Kaskade, Carl Cox and A-Trak and Duck Sauce. Just check out those views and enjoy!


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