Beer, Pigs, and Squid


Beer, Pigs, and Squid. Strange combination, I know. But you'll get it once you step through the doors of "Lou's Beer Garden" in Miami Beach.


By Solange Reyner

So I wandered around with friends in Miami Beach (in flip flops) trying to find a place to hang. After a hidden neon sign caught our eye off of 73rd and Harding, we stopped to venture into a secret garden. But this wasn't just any garden. It's a beer garden of yumminess. We found parking with ease, wandered in on a muggy Saturday evening, took a seat at the bar, got served by the cute waiter Opie, and tried some fantastic beverages with some poolside scenery in a place that had a pretty solid beer selection a.k.a "The Raging Bitch," "Chimay Triple," "Rogue Beer," and "Double Dead Guy." My friend Carla is quite the beer snob, so I can say with solidarity that this place is top notch.

While the beer and the stuffed squid - cooked by owner and chef Luis Ramirez - was quite delish, the night took an interesting turn once the midnight special and "Little Johnny" came out. There were pictures taken with the 3-month old Johnny, taken courtesy of Luis' Canon he keeps tucked away in the kitchen, and the hilarious scene that ensued after people took gambles with the midnight special. 

So if you're not into waiting in line and being looked up and down with a snare in front of Mansion, Cameo, or the Gansevoort, take your hide to Lou's Beer Garden in Miami Beach and indulge in the beer, food, and fun. Oh, and don't worry about little Johnny - he's just a little pig.

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