Bali Cafe 


Bali Cafe offers Indonesian food and is open only for lunch. Menu highlights inlcude the beef rendang or chicken legs called opor ayam. Bali's nasi goreng allows you to try these dishes along with a of serving fried rice and steamed broccoli, bean sprouts, fried egg, garlicky rice crackers, and a pickled mix of carrot and cucumber. Bali Café's rijsttafel for two comes with miso soup, salad, two appetizers, a few main course tastings, steamed rice, and a dessert of es sarang burung -- sweet gelatin with choice of lychee, longan, or rambutan.


  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Asian
  • Yes
  • Indoor
  • Lunch
  • Cheerful din
  • Yes

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