Trudy Ellis is the owner of the Bahamian Pot, a restaurant located at 1413 NW 54th Street.

Bahamian Pot 


With walls of Bahamian blue, a nautical theme carries throughout the restaurant, from the old fishnets that dangle from the walls to a mural of crashing ocean waves and swaying palm trees. Owner Trudy Ellis hails from Nassau, where seafood, particularly fish and conch, is the heart of every meal. The most popular breakfast on the menu is boiled fish, grits and a side of Johnnycake, which looks like a slice of bread topped with butter, but has a cake-like consistency. Sweet, warm and divinely moist, it tastes similar to cornbread, though it is flour-based. For lunch or dinner, the steamed conch, stewed with tomatoes and bell peppers, is a crowd-pleaser. Fried fish is served whole and goes well with a side of potato salad or coleslaw. The conch fritters made by Ellis’ daughter are in such high demand that they’re sometimes advertised with a sign on the door.


  • Caribbean
  • Indoor
  • Lunch
  • Cheerful din
  • Yes
  • Yes

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