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Quit playin' Games


A while back, a good friend of mine was reading a book (which he usually does). He was so intrigued/enamored/fascinated with it that he borderline forced me to read it. It was Neil Strauss' The Game. I like social experiments as much as the next guy. Nickel and Dimed & Stiff are two of my faves. For those of you who don't know, The Game is about how Strauss finds this cult/club (actually, I think his editor found it) in which below average Joes are taught the "formula" for picking up women. There are a lot of glossary terms that I won't bore you with, but the idea is to teach socially awkward guys how approach women using various tactics. It basically reduces human relationships to a math problem. I got about 3/4 of the way through the book before getting bored. Yeah, yeah, I get it -- you learned a new trick in school and now you can date a Playboy model but yet for some reason you're still unhappy. Because -- revelation! -- after playing the game too much, it gets old. Anyone who's played Scrabulous could've told you that.

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