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Quit playin' Games


A while back, a good friend of mine was reading a book (which he usually does). He was so intrigued/enamored/fascinated with it that he borderline forced me to read it. It was Neil Strauss' The Game. I like social experiments as much as the next guy. Nickel and Dimed & Stiff are two of my faves. For those of you who don't know, The Game is about how Strauss finds this cult/club (actually, I think his editor found it) in which below average Joes are taught the "formula" for picking up women. There are a lot of glossary terms that I won't bore you with, but the idea is to teach socially awkward guys how approach women using various tactics. It basically reduces human relationships to a math problem. I got about 3/4 of the way through the book before getting bored. Yeah, yeah, I get it -- you learned a new trick in school and now you can date a Playboy model but yet for some reason you're still unhappy. Because -- revelation! -- after playing the game too much, it gets old. Anyone who's played Scrabulous could've told you that.


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We love our users and we want to declare it loud and proud. No, we're not going to stand outside your window with a boombox blaring Peter Gabriel (as if). Instead, we're going to show you affection the way your parents did: by giving you stuff. We've got six pairs of tickets to the Miami Light Project's Here & Now Festival (March 12-15) that we'll be giving to our bestest most favorite users -- as in, those with the highest number of points.

So write some reviews, post some (clothed) pics, and for the love of social networking upload your profile pic (you gotta have one to win). We'll be tallying Monday morning, so we suggest holing yourself up this weekend and getting to work. Kidding -- check out all of the great events we have on the site, do them, THEN get online and write about how much fun you had (with the pictures to prove it).

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