Art Basel Hotel Squatters: $300 FOR SEVEN NIGHTS


You love Miami's Art Basel, but you'd rather spend your money on an oil painting rather than your hotel suite. Here comes the Sun.

Miami Sun Hotel
Miami Sun Hotel

Now, I know you want to stay at The Delano. You would even settle for InterContinental Miami, but let’s face it, you’re broke. How much did you spend on that installation, airfare and those cute boots? Guess what? Biscayne Boulevard is an opus of seedy motels (I’ll list them later this week), but in the meantime, consider Miami Sun Hotel. It’s in the heart
of downtown Miami, and it’s pretty grimy, but right next door, you can get a rustic Miami eggs special for $3 which includes café con leche. It's $60 a night (this includes tax), and it's $300 for SEVEN NIGHTS, so you're paying for five nights and getting two for free (This rate includes tax, and you can bunk with your squatter-buddy with no charge). And if you’re traveling via scooter, you’re not far from Miami Beach.

Miami Sun Hotel, 226 N.E. 1st Ave., Downtown Miami, 305-375-0786.

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