A new vodka in town


Absolut Wild Tea joins the pack


If you're a South Floridian, you like iced tea. Well, if you like vodka, you're in luck. Absolut has gotten smart, putting out Wild Tea vodka. What's it like? "When the mysterious richness of Chinese Oolong Tea meets the wild and delicate character of the Nordic white elderflower, the result is an eye-opening twist on a flavor combination that will inspire the cocktail connoisseur in all of us," reads a release. How's it taste? Well, like tea (black) for starters, with floral bites, red apples and a hint of citrus. Kinda sweet, too, but they say no sugar is added. Hmm, how do they do that? Cost: $19.99-$24.99, at liquor stores starting next week.

Kick off party at Fontainebleau's Arkadia 9 p.m. Monday Jan 31.

RSVP absolutwildteamia@legacymp.com.

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