Wouldn't it be fabulous if your rich friend invited you out on his/her yacht (a small yacht, nothing pretentious) for his/her annual 4th of July fireworks watching party? No sand to wash off when you get home, no driving around trying to find parking in the name of patriotism and hot dogs, no cheesy Americana soundtracks blasting for ambiance (for the love of liberty, no more "Proud to be an American"), no annoying families insisting on shooting off the ghetto explosives they bought at the flea market two feet from your face.

Just champagne, fancy cheese and exotic fruits, beautiful, sophisticated co-yachters and the best fireworks view in town. Of course, I have no rich yacht-owning friends -- I don't think I even know anyone with a canoe - but I'm always in search of a great secret spot where I can take in all the sparkly 4th of July goodness without having to deal with the riffraff.

So in the spirit of a good show, I'm asking you all, our faithful readers, to send me your own favorite fireworks-viewing spot. Really, there's no reason to give up your top-secret locale other than glory and fame - oh, and a gift certificate for brunch for two at the Rusty Pelican. Holla! So, first you gotta register on, then leave a comment on this blog entry with your fave off-the-beaten-path place to spend the 4th of July. Whoever offers up the best place (hint: it isn't on 8th and Ocean Drive) wins, and if you happen to have a yacht, please include your phone number.

-- miaeditor

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best spot...on the water (yes i have a, it is not a yatch) right in between cocnut grove and key biscayne. right in between the fireworks in the grove and key biscayne. in addition to that you may be able to catch the fireworks in bayfront park. you also have the great view of the rickenbacker causeway and all the people on hobe lighting up there fireworks. take a bottle of champagne, some hot dogs for grilling and some desert and have an amazing time....relaxing, fun, are surrounded by fireworks everywhere while enjoying the gentle lull of the bay. perfect night. ... Read more
Word of warning: The Biltmore Hotel does not have fireworks anymore. Coral Gables, despite its supposed prestige, claims to be strapped for cash and unable to afford the show. Wonder if any of their vastly overpaid employees will be taking pay cuts.... Read more
On Country Club Drive in Aventura. Just drive there, park the car and look up!
Thee best and only place is AT the Rusty Pelican. Sitting out on the patio watching fireworks from all sides. South Beach, Bayside and Key Biscayne exploding against the Miami skyline is the absolute thrill for anyone of any age.... Read more
In the Grove at the Sonesta Hotel on the pool deck. You can sit on a lounge chair, have a waitress bring you a cocktail and watch the fireworks. The fireworks explode right at eye level, so you don't have to bend your neck to look up. You have to fight the crowd to get there, but not too many people know about that particular spot.... Read more
Ok, I know this isn't fair to you but my favorite spot is my backyard. We're waterfront, near the Black Point Marina and the town always puts on a great show. We can see the fireworks just over the lake without having to deal with all that traffic to get to the marina. It's so beautiful and we get our cheap thrills watching the cars bumper to bumper heading home after the show. My neighbors two doors down are also generous enough to spend all of their hard earned dough to put on quite the display over the lake. So we don't have to pay a thing and all my family and friends come over to party. Reservations recommmended- "silly little wicked laugh".... Read more
The best place to see fireworks is in Miami Springs. We bring some beach or patio chairs to Eldron Drive. The view is breathtaking from the golf course.... Read more
Favorite Spot is in the Upper East Side area.. you get the North beach fireworks and downtown, beach and Key Biscayne..Anywhere on Biscayne starting at 22 something street to 70th street. And then there is always the Grove - Barnacle..... Read more
Biltmore Hotel
Only being familiar with fireworks along the ocean, the top of any Collins Avenue hotel has worked for me...The Rusty Pelican itself might be a good spot, or Jimbos, or the old stadium out there. "I don't think I even know anyone with a canoe" I used to own a rowboat :)... Read more
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